What is A Work Session


In the session we create space for you to address any aspect of your life as a focal point to begin your inner work. This inquiry may include exploring your personal history, your practices of meditation & prayer, prior spiritual experiences, relationship issues, career challenges, etc. There are no limitations. The space is yours.

Regardless of the topic of inquiry, we continually return to the now.  We ask, “What’s happening now in your mind, body, and feelings.” This practice keeps you engaged & grounded. It creates a line of more direct inquiry that leads to deeper embodied understanding. 

The body holds one's personal history, and it becomes the grounding place for the experience of essence. Essence is a presence, intelligence, and active agent that is the only source of real transformation.

Sessions are usually conducted on a mat. There is talking, and we employ breath practices and physical movement to energize the body and increase your awareness of physical and emotional manifestations. The experience of one's truth isn't a mental understanding, it's a direct experience of psychological or spiritual reality that is later grasped by the mind.