Is The Work For You


When your soul begins to awaken it illuminates the conditions and circumstances in your life that are no longer tolerable. When you begin to ask "what is the meaning of life" this signifies that your journey to self-understanding and spiritual maturity has begun.

You may sense there is more to life than your experience in the conventional world. You may want more peace and a less feverish mind. You may crave more genuine contact and intimacy with yourself and others. You may desire more compassion, care, and love for yourself and those around you. Perhaps you want to overcome feelings of isolation and aloneness. 

Even those dedicated to a path for some time face impasses. You may be questioning why your spiritual experiences are not transforming your day-to-day life. You may be frustrated that repeated cathartic reliving of your childhood history has not freed your from its influence. You may have painful judgments about why your spiritual openings haven't transformed your beliefs, attitudes, & habits. You may be noticing that in spite of deep experiences of your true nature, you continue to identify with a deficient self-image. You may recognize that you are still experiencing a lack of true contact and intimacy.

If you relate to any of these challenging concerns and sense the need for a deeper level of awareness & understanding to resolve them - the Work may be of benefit to you.