What Drives Inner Work


Deep inside each of us there is an unspoken knowing of our true potential and nature. This inner treasure is obscured by our difficulties in early childhood, the demands of our conventional life, and identification with the material world as our source of survival and success. 

The price of not releasing your inner treasure can be a sense of frustration, meaninglessness, something missing, alienation, and feeling unfulfilled. These feelings are painful enough but more disturbing is not knowing where to turn to resolve your predicament.

We humans are like the caterpillar who has no idea of the dramatic transformation that is its birthright & destiny - the seemingly impossible outcome of becoming a butterfly. Nature has given every human being this same transformative potential. Each of us can be guided to awaken to the remarkable transformative energy & presence deep within us. The process of our metamorphosis changes us from some mind-made artificial ego self, into one who knows and operates as their True Self. Humanity's butterfly is a human being expressing the inner richness of their innate transcendent nature, their spiritual nature, in the world each day.

Inner work is a process of fully awakening to your current state of affairs. Becoming clear about the beliefs and structures keeping you bound. It requires an objective and deep dive into your personal history.  

I guide by a map that shows direction & identifies the challenges and barriers one encounters on this journey.  With the support of my own teachers, I have been traversing the psycho-spiritual labyrinth for four decades. I've walked the road that I am inviting you to travel on.